Government Grants

BSI Admin
Grants come and grants go…

The chances are that at any given point in time there is a State or Federal Government grant program that could assist your latest business project.  Whether it’s getting a new venture off the ground, commercializing a new product, exporting, or investing in skills development – it is highly likely that a program exists that can make life a little easier in terms of project funding.

Government grants in Australia are usually competitive programs designed to address a specific policy area.  Application costs are usually substantial and the lead time between application and receipt of funds can be as much as 6 months in some cases.

At BSI Innovation, we provide a range of grant-related services including:

  • Grant program strategy advice
  • Grant writing and application preparation services

We can also provide access to expert business planning and market research consultants where there is a need to create detailed information around a project in support of a grant application.

For more information on how we could assist in obtaining government support for your next project, call Marcus Webb on (02) 9126 9100.