Innovation Advisory

BSI Admin

BSI Innovation is passionate about supporting Australian innovators and we understand how hard it can be to navigate the R&D and commercialization phases of a project.

We’ve been helping companies with various forms of funding support for over 20 years, and we also offer a wide range of complimentary services to our client companies – either directly, or via direct referral to our trusted partners.

In addition to our core R&D tax and government grant services, we can assist you in a range of areas including:

  • Effective management and documentation of your R&D projects;
  • Creativity training for R&D teams;
  • Introduction to early-stage investors;
  • Advice regarding intellectual property strategies, and introduction to our partner patent attorneys;

As part of the wider BSI group of companies, we also access a significant network of high quality businesses and service providers that we can refer based on your specific project or business needs.

Talk to us today on (02) 9126 9100 about how we can ensure you have the right resources at the right time to match your budget and business goals.